Friday, 12 October 2012

guest post by Kathleen Reed

Ride on the Big Wheel
above the water touching the sky
one can see far and wide and down below
The sun retires as stars scramble for their show
Children in awe await their turn to fly

People gather at the pier
standing with tickets in a crooked line
to see the view from the top
and play in the penny arcade and to shop
Take their seats and start their climb

On a pleasant Summer's eve
go around, 'round and 'round again
See Ferries floating oh, so slow
the 7 hills of the city as you rock to and fro
neon lights, a rock n' roll refrain

Spirits of the wind and mountains
speak in hushed tones
Indian legends were born here
where wild eagles, deer and elk roam
But have no fear
Riding high you can almost hear
...them calling home

by klr

kkkkaty is an old friend, we started blogging for the same creativity ecourse, you can find her Down the Eyrie Road :)


Ms. A said...

Love it! Did you take that photo? How in the world was that taken?

Ana Eugénio said...

this is a guest post sweetie. I'm not the author. you'll find the link to Kathy's blog at the end of the post.

hyperCRYPTICal said...

Excellent pic and words Katy.

Anna :o]

Buttons said...

Well Kathy this is a great poem I love it I felt like I was there. Thanks for having her visit Ana. B