Friday, 19 October 2012

guest post by Ms.Becky

How Long?

Sometimes I wonder
what it would feel like to be on a road
to nowhere -

because the road I'm walking,
I've been going it a long time
no bumps no bends

day after day
the days roll into years
and familiar is another word for safe

and that makes me wonder
how long before this road veers
in a different direction
like maybe east instead of north.

then I'll have to make a choice
and nothing will be the same.

Ms.Becky is one of the sweetest friends I know, you can find her at Shaking The Tree ;)


Gail Dixon (Louisiana Belle) said...

What a beautiful poem. :)

Ms. A said...

If the photo is the road she's walking, it's certainly a beautiful road. If she's talking, same ol', same ol'... I can relate to that, too. Sometimes it's easier to stick with the familiar road, than chance losing our way on a new one.

Lily said...

Like alltimes - Ms. Becky writes so beautiful It is a joy to read! congrats on getting her as a giest on your blog!

Lily said...

To early for getting the letters right. I meant guest and not giest! Sorry.

cococita said...

Ms. Becky is one of the twinkling stars on the internet. Always love your photography and words dear Ms. Becky! Thank you for sharing these precious ones. They are a beautiful start of the weekend!

Aiketa said...

Hi Ana!
A long long time ago I saw that you had some Photo City tours and offered myself to do one of Barcelona and another one of my hometown, Girona.

Days passed and as I was so busy never go to do it.
Now that my life is not as busy, I wanted to do it, but before I wanted to check if you still have that on your blog.

I can't find it, so I'm guessing you are no longer hosting the Photo tours?

Regards from Barcelona.