Thursday, 4 October 2012

I am proud of..

I'm proud of the life I've accomplished on my own in Lisbon. these are photos of my house there. I've assembled all the furniture on my own. those shelves you see in the living room, for example. everything. I was more patient (not anxious at all) so I knew I could do it. I've these photos because at that time I emailed a photographic tour to my family. I knew some would never visit and I wanted them to know my home. I used to channel Angels and to paint them. with the medication I find hard to even meditate. but I'll get there, I've a peaceful nature.


Lisa Gordon said...

Ana, you did a beautiful job.
It quite simply looks like home, and a very lovely one at that.
It looks like you will have some really wonderful light for photography also.

Happy Weekend to you, my friend.

Nancy Claeys said...

That's beautiful -- love the simplicity and clean look to everything.

Emily S said...

What a lovely place, definitely something to be very proud of!