Wednesday, 3 October 2012

my phobias..

took me a while to choose a photo for this post! a closed door is good. I've claustrophobia and high levels of anxiety. it wasn't always like this but now it's my reality. when I'm in, what I feel like, a small space I start having trouble breathing. I've to get out of there. for example, in London I'm not able to use the subway. tried twice with no sucess. it's everything too small underground. my sister is a sweetheart and she always have a bus alternative. but we travel slower. if I don't mention, most people don't even realize I've these fears. I control myself the best I can. I also have agoraphobia. here my medication helps. nevertheless, in the street I'm always looking at the ground because it's overwhelming to cope with all at the same time. my mother doesn't understand when I try to explain her the street have to much information for me to deal with. so looking at the ground narrows it. when I feel safe and secure I usually look up without a second thought.

what phobias have you conquered? would love to learn how you did it! ;) xxo

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Emily S said...

I get claustrophobic in elevators. It's rough,soI know what that feels like.