Monday, 1 October 2012

reasons I blog ♥

sharing with Stop! She's got a Camera!

1) to have the honour of sharing the world with so very special women like Katie, Nancy, Joey, Jacqueline, ChristianZena, Lisa who inspire me, make me smile (there is so much beauty to be shared!) and enriches my days. you are many more! so much more I can't name you all. but I'm grateful. and to you too dear reader. 2) to give me a purpose in life. I photograph to tell a story. I blog to share that story. I need to share. that is my purpose. 3) to socialize. 4) to create as a daily job. since I'm retired at such early age. 5) to get me out of bed. 6) to be in love with life again. 7) to learn how art is the only way to run away without leaving home. 8) to cherish new friends all over the globe. 9) to connect. 10) to celebrate life with others.

what brings you back to my blog? would love to know ;)


Lisa Gordon said...

Thank you, Sweetheart!

Why do I come here????
Quite simply because I like to visit with you. Your work is beautiful, and you are truly such a kind and sweet soul.


Meyser said...

Reasons I keep coming back:

1) the great pictures
2) you're inspiring
3) to connect with you - I don't know how or why, but from the very start, through the earth wonders challenge, I had the feeling I wanted to get to know you
4) Your commenters also have beautiful blogs
5) You leave such encouraging, thoughtful comments


Christian said...

You are so inspiring to many Ana! I love to read your words and see the world through your eyes! You are very encourging to those who you know.


Emily S said...

Thanks for participating! You know, Ana, you are one of the first blogger to frequent my side of the web, and every time I stop by I learn more and more about you. I love your perspective and your wonderful photography.

Buttons said...

Oh these are true and very familiar reasons why I blog too. I am so happy you found the same as I have found.
A fellow blogger had someone tell her you cannot find true friends on the internet I know she was wrong and I actually feel sorry for her. There are amazing caring friends to be found. B