Monday, 19 November 2012

Happy Monday

I've learned so much by visiting each participant on Nancy's Your Sunday Best: trips, recipes, stunning photos, deep insights. now is turn to visit my dearests old friends. miss your blogs too! sincerely.. I've had a busy day, started with an appointment with my psychiatrist (who keeps insisting I dye my white hair brown). lunched alone at Campus. went to the post office. went to know about an embroidery course (have to go back tomorrow to speak with the teacher). and spent the last five hours commenting on new blogs. got this texture on the blog hop for free on Kristy's Life-n-Reflection (has a lovely name: Wind Song) and had to use it today just to share it with you. enjoy your Monday sweet friends, xxo :)


Gail Dixon (Louisiana Belle) said...

That texture is absolutely perfect for your image! Wow, five hours commenting on blogs is a huge time commitment. I'm impressed. Thank you for being such a loyal follower of mine. Take care and have a great evening!

Lisa Gordon said...

Ana, this is beautiful!
It sounds like you did indeed have a busy day.
I am glad you are looking into the embroidery course. I love to embroider. It is so relaxing, and you can make some really beautiful things. If you decide to take it, I hope you will share your work here.

Joe Todd said...

Very nice. Hope you have a great week

Amarie said...

Great work with the texture! Hope you had a good Monday. :)

Jacquelineand.... said...

Oh isn't that lovely!

You've had a busy Monday, wow!