Friday, 24 January 2014

my poetry book is available as an ebook

"soul musings about the time when all days were happy"
I'm working on translating it to english :) it's harder than I thought it would be.. lol
(here is one of my poems)

is the promise of life in your heart

today the wind is on the loose. the fainted sky announces an autumnal day. children running down the street. wide smile. arms outstretched with open hands. screaming: I'm pushing the wind. the wind gives free laughters. powerful. that reduce us to the insignificance of a plume. waves of sea air play in my hair. almost feel my feet float, enraptured by the wind. Fall happens in the middle of the Summer. turns the day upside down. has a warmth of childhood. days when the house smells like cakes, voices warm by cups of tea and the chanting of the wind between the shutters make us fall asleep protected.


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Parabéns!!! :)
Gosto da amostra!

Beijocas doces de bom fim de semana!